The Croods (2013)

Directors: Kirk De Micco, Chris Sanders

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener

This was one of those movies that I wasn’t really planning on seeing but ended up seeing because a group of friends was going and I thought “Meh, why not”. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised and happy that I did. To me, The Croods looked like one of those animated films you see once and then totally forget about. That is not the case here. By the end of the movie, I was pleased that I had seen it and wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

The Croods follows the story of a lovable family living in some prehistoric time period. Eep (Emma Stone) is the teenage daughter who is misunderstood by her parents (especially her father) and itching for some adventure in her life. Unfortunately, that goes against every rule that her father has laid down. In order to keep his family safe, Grug (Nicolas Cage), has a very defined list of rules that everybody must follow. This includes staying in their cave…pretty much all of the time. Eep sneaks out of the cave one night and meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds), who lives by no rules, and is set on traveling towards the mountains, convinced the end of the world as they know it is near. As Guy gets mixed up into travelling with Eep and her family after their cave is destroyed, Grug must overcome the limitations of his old ways and learn to go beyond his comfort zone.

Man, the animation in this movie was simply beautiful. The landscapes and design of everything really stands out to me as one of the best that I have seen. Especially in 3D, the colors and uniqueness of everything really pops. Dreamworks really created a spectacular world that awes the audience, especially the kids. I felt the voice acting was spot on by Nicolas Cage (surprisingly) and Emma Stone. When I realized it was Cage who was voicing Grug, I couldn’t help but laugh a little, but he really took me by surprise with the way he gave a whole personality to his character and really gave him depth.  Emma Stone was perfect for this role, she gave her character a certain quirkiness that really worked. Ryan Reynolds was okay as Guy, I honestly didn’t even know it was him voicing it but he does a good job. To me, Stone and Cage were the ones that really stood out though.

The only thing is, the plot is really simple.  Simple enough for little kids to follow along but not too simple where we are able to predict everything that happens. The story moves along and the movie has plenty of comedic value (mostly slap-stick) to keep you interested. I found myself laughing out loud at the “cavemen humor”. Overall, this movie is great for the kiddies and families. At the end, they reveal a deeper meaning to the movie (“Where are we going? Just follow the light” D’awwww) that is sure to satisfy and leave a smile on your face. The Croods was cute and had me loving every minute of it.

Rating: B


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