The Film Bucket List | project

Ever since I started this hobby of watching as many films that I possibly could I always come across movies that are on my “bucket list” to watch. That is why I have started this project. Every month, I will be watching roughly 4-8 movies (along with the new releases that I review). Each month will specifically focus on a certain director, actor/actress, genre, time period, etc. They will feature films that I have been meaning to watch but always needed some sort of excuse to. Well, this is my excuse.

This will result in weekly posts about the films that I watched for that week summarizing the movie and my opinion about it, why it was so awesome or not so awesome, and so on. This might fluctuate from once or twice a week to maybe even three times, depending on how crazy my life is or how largely my social life is lacking. I also want this to be an interactive project with people who read my blog, family, or friends, so I will be releasing the list of movies that I will be watching at the beginning of each month. That way, you can watch along with me and post your opinions as well! I would love to read your comments on any of the movies I review actually, because that is just the film nerd that I am.

Now, I will end this post with Mr. Kane’s approval (I really just wanted an excuse to have this meme on my blog).


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