April Bucket List: Quentin Tarantino

 photo ba957181-2089-44b6-b70e-f82487afabba_zps5d4e1ea3.jpg

I’ve decided to start my bucket list with these last two weeks of April, opposed to waiting until May…because I’m that impatient. Well, I chose Tarantino to kick off this project because his latest films I have really enjoyed and can say that they are among my favorites. What sticks out to me about his movies especially are the pure originality of them which always have the perfect balance of cleverness, humor, and action in them.

aprilbucketlistHowever, the only films I’ve seen from his early career were Pulp Fiction and From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, both of which I loved very much. If I want to be able to say that he is among my favorite directors/writers, I figure I should see some of the works that he is most known for! There is something about his writing style that just totally enthralls me in any of his movies, so I’m very excited for these next couple weeks. They are some films that I have been meaning to watch and quite frankly, I’m ashamed it’s taken me this long, but here we go. These will be the movies I am watching for the next two and a half weeks. Feel free to watch along with me, or even if you’ve already seen them, comment with your views/opinions as I post about them!





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