May Bucket List: Stanley Kubrick

The month of May will be featuring films directed by Stanley Kubrick. Kubrick has to be considered one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, yet the only film I’ve had the chance to experience of his is The Shining. I tried to narrow down the films that I’m going to watch this month to a reasonable amount which was hard because after much reading into, I found that every single film of his had something to offer and there is no definite “Top 5” of them. It will be a busy month as I will be watching seven movies but they are all considered to be great in their own way and I’m very excited! 

I picked Kubrick for this month because I feel like his films are ones that must be seen, hence why they are on my bucket list. The Shining is one of the greatest horror films I have ever seen. It’s just an inherently eerie and horrifying film without the need to use excessive amounts of gore or cheap scare tactics in order to leave an impression. I saw that film when I was very young and remember the scene in which we follow Danny tricycling down the empty hotel hallways and just how creepy and scary that shot was. It doesn’t fail to scare me even today. From that film I could see that Kubrick’s gift was being able to express so much in a scene without saying anything at all.

It will be a bit of a challenge keeping up with my list along with all of the other things in my life but I promise to do my best hammering it out! I also really look forward to hearing your opinions on the films and Kubrick as well. 🙂



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