The Big Wedding (2013)

Director: Justin Zackham

Starring: Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Topher Grace, Amanda Seyfried, Robin Williams

With such a long list of respectable actors and actresses, I thought this film would be worth a shot. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen this film before. The one where a family has had problems and aren’t very close but some sort of event, in this case a wedding, brings them together and forces them to resolve their differences. Although the story is one we know, the hugely well known cast has to bring something different to it, right? 

Obviously, the story centers around a wedding. Alejandro (Ben Barnes) is the groom and Missy (Seyfried) is his bride. Alejandro is the adoptive son of Don (De Niro) and Ellie (Keaton). The wedding will take place at his childhood home where Don and his girlfriend (Sarandon) currently live. Everybody will be at the wedding including Alejandro’s siblings Lyla (Heigl) and Jared (Grace), oh, and his biological mother and sister. This complicates things because his biological mom is a devout Catholic and he fears that once she learns that Don and Ellie are actually divorced, she will not give him and Missy her blessing. So the family comes up with a simple solution. Pretend they are still married for the weekend. Great idea, right? You can imagine what unfolds in this movie, utter chaos.

This movie was…alright. The cast was the highlight of the film and it kind of makes me wonder how they all got on board for it. The script isn’t super original but the actors do the best with what they’ve got. All in all though, the movie isn’t terrible but it isn’t the best either. In a couple months I’ll probably have forgotten it. There were several moments that got some chuckles out of me but they definitely weren’t trying to be too sophisticated with the humor. All of the jokes were pretty much oriented around sex. They were funny at times but by no means can a movie survive solely on sexual humor and still be considered a laugh-out-loud comedy.

This was also what confused me in what type of audience this movie was shooting for. At times I thought “this looks like a movie my mom would really enjoy” but the jokes had me second guessing it. Maybe they were trying to appeal to the younger generations with the comedy but it still just looks like a film geared towards the middle-aged women group. Not saying that’s a bad thing for a movie, it might just be confusing to the audience. My biggest complaint about this movie though is that it is just so bland. Everything was very predictable and I found myself not really caring what happened because I wasn’t connected to the characters at all. It just seemed like the actors were going through the motions and reciting the lines but you could tell they weren’t connected to the film either and probably just accepted this role for another paycheck.

As I said before, this movie was forgettable. It does it’s job in the moment in that I wasn’t completely disappointed as I was leaving the theater. It had it’s moments that gave some chuckles but there was such little character development that you’re left wondering “So what?” It really just seemed to lack substance. It was a nice little movie with some big names but a painfully simple plot and no originality so I have little desire to ever see it again.

Rating: C


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