Top 5 Greatest Pixar Films

With the release of Monster’s University coming later this month, I thought I would share my top five favorite Pixar movies. This was a hard list to put together because as everyone knows, pretty much every Pixar film is a huge hit. They are the leading craftsmen who created animation as we know it today, and continue to innovate in the world of CGI in animated films. It’s a huge name in animation and we can always rely on them to churn out classic after classic.

5. A Bug’s Life 

An oldie but a goody, I’m afraid this movie has been forgotten as more and more Pixar movies come out. I will always remember watching and rewatching this movie as a kid and even to this day when I see it on TV I will watch it. With this movie, Pixar took us into a beautiful world full of lovable and quirky bugs. It might not get as much hype as Toy Story or Finding Nemo does today, but it will always remain one of my favorites for the sole reason that it gives me nice fuzzy childhood memories. As the second film Pixar created, it’s a movie I’ll always remember as one of the firsts in many to come.

4. The Incredibles

Seriously, what is a better combination than Pixar and superheroes? Nothing I tell you! This movie was just so original and fun when it first came out and is one that I can still watch over and over. It’s hilarious and action packed and the characters are great as always. Each one has a unique something that we love about them and can relate to. It’s one that both children and adults can fall in love with as well.  It has a great story, some awesome villains and heroes, some nice family bonding, and even some Samuel L. Jackson to complete the picture in making this one of my favorites.

3. Monster’s Inc.

The absolute best thing about Pixar is their ability to come up with amazingly unique and great ideas. They truly showed that off with this movie which envelops us in the world of monsters that make a living off of scaring children. It’s a fresh take on an idea that appeals to children but the humor and wonderful characters can draw in the older crowd as well. It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a decade since this first came out, but watching it today would not have me believe that. The animation is great and I love the look of the world that the monsters live in. I’m definitely excited to see the prequel that is released later this month, for even if it isn’t as good as the original, I’ll be happy just to revisit this unique world they brought us.

2. Finding Nemo

Released ten years ago, this movie has become a classic; and for good reason. This is truly one of Pixar’s greatest movies that I’m sure will be remembered for years and years to come. The animation in simply stunning in the underwater environment Pixar created for us. They create an entire world underneath the surface that is radiant in colors and pleasing to the eye. The animation, along with the beautiful story, make this film amazing. You fall in love with the characters, despite how annoying they can be (looking at you, Dory), as each one is truly unique. I’m a little iffy on the idea of Finding Dory as this movie is one that I believe is perfect on it’s own and doesn’t need a sequel or anything else to make it better, but I guess we’ll see when it comes out, which is in 2015.

1. Toy Story

The first Pixar film, and in my opinion, the absolute best. Toy Story is probably the most successful franchise of the production company, with it’s two sequels holding up as great movies on their own as well. They would also probably be on this list, but I decided it wouldn’t be fair to dominate it with mostly Toy Story movies. Instead, I settled on the first one, because in my opinion it is truly the strongest out of the three. I know that might spur some debate as Toy Story 3 was hugely successful too, but the first one is where it all began. It was something that had not been seen at the time of it’s release in 1995 and it introduced us to some of the most amazing and memorable characters. All of them are great: Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Rex, Hamm, etc. All of them together make this movie memorable. The chemistry among them is clear even in animation, especially between Woody and Buzz. Pixar truly makes these characters come to life on the screen. Not to mention an awesome soundtrack (“You’ve Got A Friend In Me” anyone??) and a great plot, Toy Story is a true classic that has remained my favorite through all of these years. Even if the animation isn’t as great as Brave or Up, we still become so involved in this fantasy world of toys. With great actors backing it up, some wonderful storytelling, and humor that still makes me laugh 18 years later, Toy Story is not just the best Pixar film, but the best animated film in my opinion as well.

So there it is, my favorite Pixar movies. Feel free to comment with your top 5 as well and any other thoughts you may have!


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