The Heat (2013)

Director: Paul Feig

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Marlon Wayans, Demián Bichir

With the world in desperate need of more female-based laugh out loud comedies, not to mention the whole “buddy cop” genre, The Heat was looking like a breath of fresh air in a world where movies, and comedies in particular, are mostly dominated by men. Starring one of my all time favorite actresses Sandra Bullock and newly popular Melissa McCarthy, this movie showed us that females can do raunchy and hilarious just as well as the guys. 

Plot: An ambitious and tightly wound FBI Agent, Sarah Ashburn (Bullock), is determined to get a promotion that has just become available. However, it’s no secret that despite her obvious talent in the field, she is not well-liked among her peers. In order to prove that she can play well with others, Ashburn teams up with the coarse and very unorthodox cop, Mullins (McCarthy), in order to take down a drug lord.With the two of them always butting heads, this proves to be a very difficult task.

Paul Feig, whose previous film Bridesmaids was an instant hit, strikes again in the comedy genre with female leads. Bridesmaids was such a huge success because it really acknowledged the fact that women are allowed to have a sense of humor also (shocker!). The type of comedy that is usually found in the Hangover movies or such was made even funnier because it was women issuing the laughs. The Heat incorporates this humor and with leading ladies Bullock and McCarthy, one a comedy veteran and the other a newer but loved face in comedy today, together throw laugh after laugh at you. Both Bullock and McCarthy play the same type of role they have been in before, so that’s not new to us. But it works. The movie is full of hilarious one-liners and situations that will have you laughing out loud. I found that they even slightly tweaked some of the funny parts that you saw in the trailers so that they were different than what you’ve already seen which I found to be a nice touch.

The plot is one that we have all seen, though. It’s the typical “two cops working together on a case because they each have something to prove” dealio. However, it’s not the plot that the movie is focusing on but the two cop’s relationship and the humor, of course. The only weakness I found in this movie was the fact that the plot became a little too muddled as the story progressed. After awhile, we lose track of who they are trying to track down and what their actual objective is. The two cops have so many setbacks during the story that you really lose sight of what they are trying to actually accomplish. However, this is a comedy so this aspect probably won’t affect your enjoyment of the movie, at least it didn’t for me. The chemistry between Bullock and McCarthy is what really drives the movie and really what makes it so memorable.

Bullock reprises the role that she had in both Miss Congeniality and The Proposal as the uptight workaholic who goes strictly by the guidelines. She certainly does it well though, and has lots of truly funny moments with this character as we see her become more and more unwound by Mullins. McCarthy  is also wonderful as her usual loud and vulgar character that she has really come to embody. Despite how type-cast these two actresses were, they were put together for a reason. That reason being that they have truly mastered those roles, creating some hilarious tension between the two characters.

After seeing the previews countless of times, I went in to the movie expecting a few laughs but not much else. Honestly, it looked like a perfectly forgettable film. I was gladly mistaken in that. I was laughing like a crazy person the whole time and as I looked around the theater, I noticed that there were many types of people enjoying it as well. Men, women, young, or old, there was something for everybody to laugh at. It’s definitely up there as one of my favorite comedies of the year so far. Especially if you love these two actresses and the usual humor that you get from director Paul Feig and producer Judd Apatow, you won’t be disappointed.

Conclusion: Feig and Apatow’s nonstop and no-boundaries humor mixed with two highly likable actresses is a recipe for success with The Heat. I honestly have not been that impressed with the comedies released so far this year, with the exception of This Is The End, but The Heat was a much welcome change of pace for that. It doesn’t have the strongest story and the pacing felt slightly off at times for me, but the movie was exactly what it was supposed to be. A fun and hilarious summer comedy that allows you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Rating: A-


3 thoughts on “The Heat (2013)

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