Girl Most Likely (2013)

Directors: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini

Starring: Kristin Wiig, Annette Bening, Matt Dillon, Darren Criss, Christopher Fitzgerald

Kristen Wiig stars in this dramedy about a struggling playwright who is forced to live back at home with her mom and brother after her failed suicide attempt (although it wasn’t really an attempt). Wiig plays a role similar to her one in Bridesmaids as the woman who just can’t catch a break but I found that Girl Most Likely struggled to find a place as a definite comedy such as that one or a drama with a more serious tone.

Plot:  Imogene (Wiig) is a failed playwright living in New York. After going through a rough break-up she stages a suicide, which includes a very well-written and convincing suicide note and one sleeping pill. After being discovered, she is taken to the hospital where she is released to live with her impulsive and gambling addict mother (Bening). At home she is reunited with her mollusk-obsessed brother (Fitzgerald) and meets her mom’s boyfriend/”CIA agent”, George (Dillon), and the man who is currently renting out her old room, Lee (Criss). With being at home again, Imogene goes through all sorts of struggles with trying to accept her family’s craziness while trying to cope with her own.

I guess the biggest disappointment of this film is summed up into one problem that is the fact that I was able to predict exactly how this movie was going to work out. We get to see how crappy Imogene’s ex-boyfriend is, how crappy her best friend is, how crappy her financial situation is, etc. And then she has to find some way to accept her family’s quirkiness so that she can discover that the true key to happiness is family yada yada yada. Oh, and there is a little bit of romance involved. Yup, nothing we haven’t seen before. What makes up for the unoriginal plot is Kristen Wiig, though. I do love watching Wiig in any movie. I think she is absolutely hilarious and she gave a little life to this otherwise dull story. She is the only “comedy” in this “comedy” however, and she just couldn’t do much with what she was given.

I did enjoy the relationship between Imogene and her brother. Her brother is pretty much a hermit who still lives with his mom and has a large collection of an assortment of crabs. He even builds an exoskeleton that is to be worn by humans to protect from “any bodily harm”. Don’t we all want to escape into a shell sometimes? The greatest strength of this movie was having these sorts of characters grow on you. The dialogue between them is clever and humorous and in the end you do actually care for them.

However, the biggest downfall of this film was the plot. Or should I say lack of plot. The whole tim, I felt like we weren’t really going anywhere with the story and the movie lacked a certain urgency. Sure, the movie is about Imogene coming to accept her family and accept herself and maybe a solid story structure isn’t necessary for that. But it just felt slow as we watch the characters just mingle around on the boardwalk of the Jersey shore.  This all leads up to a slightly bizarre “climax” of the film that I was hesitant to accept. It just didn’t seem to fit the story at all and was a bit ridiculous, honestly. I could probably think of a few other ways they could have resolved the story that would have more of an emotional meaning to the audience, which is what this film was truly reaching for.

Conclusion: If you want to see this movie but don’t want to pay 10 dollars, just watch the trailer on YouTube. It pretty much sums up the whole story right there and leaves you with just the right emotional attachment as you would watching the movie. Kristen Wiig was one of the few highlights of this film and she brought some much needed comic relief to the table. I’m not saying this was a particularly bad movie. It wasn’t. I enjoyed the characters and such and I laughed at all the right times, but in the end, Girl Most Likely failed to deliver something a little more that would have left me with some sort of deeper meaning that really made a connection with me. I enjoyed the two or so hours I spent watching it in the theater, but I would recommend waiting for this one to come to RedBox or Netflix.


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