The Phi Phenomenon has a different name!

The Phi Phenomenon is now called Film Muse. I’ve been pondering over whether or not to change the name of this site for awhile, since I realized a long time ago that “phi phenomenon” is kind of a mouthful. Hence why I went with something a little shorter and more concise to the subject of my blog. With this change, I also wish to up my game a bit in how much I post. I want to be back to where I was during the summer where I had at least 2-3 posts a week. I’ve got a lot of really great ideas for the future of this site and the change of name is only the beginning of some really great changes I wish to make.

I’ll also take a moment to thank all of my current followers and readers. I’ve gotten lots of supporting comments from my friends on FB and in real life  about my reviews and they are really encouraging! It makes the blogging experience so much better when people are actually reading your stuff and can take something from it. You guys are great!

I hope everybody has (or had) a good day and thanks for stopping by Film Muse!


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