IMG_20140307_162607 Hello! My name is Emily. I love films and writing about them.

Let’s see….it all started in March 2012 when I started working at a local movie theater; sweeping up popcorn, wiping up all sorts of sticky messes, and repeating “Hello! You’re going to be in theatre number [insert number here] today. That’s gonna be just down the [left/right] hallway. Enjoy your movie!” over and over again. At first it was just a part time job to save up some money but along with working at a movie theater comes the best job perk of all time….unlimited free movies.

I went to the movies what seemed to be every other day, watching any and every movie that interested me in the slightest. About a year after I started that job, I realized I could be doing something productive about all those movies I was seeing and *VOILA* this blog was born (formerly known as The Phi Phenomenon). I am by no means a critic or film connoisseur. I try to be helpful in my writing and I like to think that I have good taste, but what’s important to me is getting my opinion out there and growing as a writer. I love film. I created Film Muse in April 2013 and since then my knowledge of movies and what makes them good has grown tremendously. I truly appreciate everybody who takes a few minutes out of their day to read what I have to say, so if you’re reading this; I thank you! Tell me what you think because I love engaging in conversations whether it be to debate or agree, it’s important to me.

Contact me! I’m always up to talk about movies, take requests, etc. Just email me at:



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